7mo old female

Jessie was rescued from a abandon home in California and was put in a high kill shelter, from there we rescued her. She is very cautious of humans and takes a long time to get comfortable with new places. She loves other cats though and bond with them well. She looking for a home with another cat she can play with and cuddle and an owner that will work with her and give her time to learn that she safe now. When she dose warm up she loves to watch you work on a computer or watch things move on the TV. She may be shy but the second a laser pointer is out she is going crazy to catch it.



4mo old female

Kimberly is an very explorative kitten. She is one that wants to see what is at the very top of things and what is underneath of things. She is an independent cat also, she will come say hi to you and cuddle from time to time but she good at finding things todo and stay busy.

Carlos Smith

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